MAX 2016 Opportunity Drawing LINE-UP

This is just a SMALL SAMPLE of products that will be raffled off both Saturday and Sunday near the end of each day

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white Redsea Max 250

Light Fixture: Z100W reef growth 100 watts LED pendant lighting kit with embedded Wi-Fi interface to smart phone as controller. 4-ch reef spectrum LED to simulate sunrise to sunset + moonlight. No T5 or blue light supplemental lights are ever needed to sustain coral growth and amazing coloration GUARANTEED! Kit includes goose neck stand and ceiling hanging kit. Retal Value: $350

Protein Skimmer: ZDC150 advanced 125 gallons protein skimmer with power saving and controllable DC pump with SOS (skimmer overflow stopper) that provides top notch performance and never have to due with skimmer overflow aftermath ever again GUARANTEED. Retail Value: 360

SOS SkimmerOverflowStopper: Never in the history of the saltwater aquarium hobby has any tank setup with a protein skimmer escaped the fate of having the protein skimmer overflow from your fish tank! If you use a protein skimmer, the chances are it will overflow at one time or another! There are many factors that can cause a protein skimmer to suddenly and quickly overflow A skimmer overflow can cause extensive and expensive damage to your aquarium equipment, cabinetry and surrounding floor. It can cause your aquariums water level to drain to dangerous levels that can kill fish and corals or burn out circulation and return pumps. Skimmate that overflows from your skimmer back into your sump can cause unsightly and difficult to remove hair algae in your aquarium. In some cases, the outcome could be more serious and cost you to lose precious fish and corals! Retail Value: $50

Pinnacle + RO/DI water filtration systemThe Pinnacle+™ RO/DI Series offers units in the 100 gal/day (400 L) and 200 gal/day (800 L) ranges. All Pinnacle+™ RO/DI Units use the standard Seachem membranes which remove 99% all of impurities including silicates.

All Pinnacle+ RO/DI units use the highest quality components available and feature modular design to ensure easy accessory add-ons.

Aquavitro Reef Supplements

Starting from a foundation of chemistry and reef physiology, we have distilled the essential components into a no-compromises, rigorously optimized product line. Primary focus during development was given not only to the requirements of the reef but also to the requirements of the hobbyist.


- 36"x24"x20"T Rimless 3 sided Starphire Glass Aquarium

- Black Smoked Glass rear panel

- Center Trapezoid Overflow w/ 1.5” drain and (2) 3/4” Returns  

- High Gloss White Stand at 36” tall  

- 30x14x14 Acrylic Sump  

- Full Plumbing Kit.

Caribsea A.R.K.Caribsea Argonite Refugium Kit

CaribSea’s A.R.K.™ is the first complete refugium kit for marine and reef aquariums which caters to the growth of these hard to obtain, hard to produce, natural foods. Only the A.R.K.™ contains substrates from .1 mm to 125 mm long axis, creating a haven for not only denitrifying and nitrifying bacteria, but also benthic organisms such as copepods and decapods. The larger macro-pores created by the variety of calcium carbonate rubbles form a cryptic zone to encourage the growth of water purifying sponges and larger invertebrates such as shrimp, worms, and serpent stars. Also inside, a 5 lb bag of CaribSea’s Mineral Mud™ to be used around Caulerpa, Halimeda, and other macro-algae plantings or anchors.

Caribsea Rubble ZoneCaribsea Rubble Zone

Aragonic calcium carbonate rubble, for those odd jobs (the cool ones!) High quality aragonitic calcium carbonate in a small rubble size,perfect for your fragging projects, a jawfish or firefish habitat, creating a cryptic zone or, on the freshwater side; use it as a pond filter media or for your African Cichlids. The only limits for it’s use are your imagination! Enjoy the perfect refugium and so much more with Rubble Zone™.


Caribsea Life Rock


Caribsea Life Rock

So real, so ready. Are you?
It is safe for all fish and inverts, and is an aragonitic base material (does not contain cement), requires no curing, and is infused with spored, live bacteria.



Caribsea Aroganite Live Sand


Caribsea Fiji Pink Live Sand

You can now bring the world’s most exotic reefs into your home with CaribSea’s Arag-Alive!™ substrates. Eight environmentally accurate ecoscapes, developed from CaribSea’s cooperation with public aquariums and zoological parks where authenticity is a must, Arag-Alive!™ makes any aquarium uniquely yours. Arag-Alive!™ makes it easy to set up an aquarium. It’s ready to work, clears quickly, and contains millions of live bacteria to cycle super fast and create a natural biological balance. Arag-Alive!™ suppresses the dreaded “new tank syndrome”, compresses the ammonia cycle, and discourages nuisance algae. In fact, independent labs prove Arag-Alive!™ cycles days faster than other brands of live sand.



Caribsea Purple UpCaribsea Purple Up

PurpleUp™ - uses a unique dual method approach to coralline algae acceleration. This approach is so unique that PurpleUp™ has been awarded a US patent (US patent No. 7,565,883). It contains ionic calcium; which immediately raises dissolved calcium levels in your aquarium water. At the same time Super Sea Calcium™ (a 10 micron aragonite powder derived from natural seawater) targets the live rock surface. This dissolves in situ; delivering calcium, strontium, magnesium, and carbonate right where it’s needed.


TK-1000 Aquarium Chiller (up to 260 gal.)

Retail Value $850

The new TANK® chiller line is the next generation of TECO's flagship SeaChill™ aquarium chillers—used by consumers and professionals for over a decade. The TECO TANK is the result of one of TECO's most ambitious and comprehensive redesigns of the SeaChill aquarium chiller to-date. New changes include an increase in cooling efficiency and improved usability, functionality and durability.

EFFICIENT COOLING TECHNOLOGY Internationally-recognized high-end compressors and titanium coaxial heat exchangers provide high performance, low energy consumption and low noise levels. DIGITAL THERMOSTAT Intuitive controller with accurate temperature detection from 32 to 95°F. Closed loop temperature control system with extremely tight differential of 1°F. Displays in °F or °C, and audible alarms for certain situations. EFFICIENT DESIGN Solid and durable structure designed to guarantee near perfect protection against corrosion. Rotatable in-set water connections, rotatable exhaust conveyor, and smaller form-factor helps facilitate placement of chiller in confined spaces.

The BRANDNEW MODEL MAX C-250 is the Ultimate 250 litres (65 gallon) fully featured REEF-SPEC system - Retail Value: $2,400

Red Sea’s all-new MAX C-Series coral reef systems combine modern design w/fully featured REEF-SPEC® lighting, filtration and circulation systems. The REEF-SPEC® design supports the needs of the most delicate SPS corals without the necessity for additional equipment, making successful reefkeeping easier than ever before.

 The MAX C-250 elegant look and impressive performance makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to establish a thriving mid-size reef aquarium.


Real Reef Artificial Live Rock

Real Reef Rock is our standard reef building rock. It comes in a variety of sizes from small to show size custom. It is very light, porous and full of holes and crevices. It is three dimensional in shape and comes in many natural shades of purple, pink and red. It replicates the look, feel and function of coralline encrusted coral skeleton rock. It’s made from all natural reef eco friendly materials and grown in greenhouses to become a bio-active rock, without the nuisance pests and hitch hikers commonly found on wild rock. This rock is great for Marine Reef and Fish only aquariums. Not suggested for Freshwater, as it holds a high stable pH.

The SC Aquariums PNP System Includes:

- SCA 120-Gallon Starfire Tank 48"x24"x24"

- Solid Wood Black Cabinet and Upper Canopy

- 52 Gallon Glass Sump 40"x17"x18"

- SCA-302 180-gallon Protein Skimmer

- Atman PH3500 Return Pump and Pumping Kit

Instant Reef

Instant Reef artificial coral reef aquarium decorations are hand-made artwork by experienced artists; they are one of the finest, most realistic looking artificial corals on the market. All artificial coral reef aquarium decors are replicas of live corals collected worldwide, which look very realistic, and the colors even appear nicer and brighter. Base artificial liverock is designed to have many caves and hideouts. Rough surfaces are good for beneficial bacteria to grow on, providing important biological filtration for aquarium fish. Instant Reef aquarium decoration uses only the best quality material to manufacture the finest artificial coral reefs. We stand 100% behind our products. Since we are the actual manufacturer, we are able to provide the most competitive prices. Instant reef guarantees unbeatable prices, reliable quality, fast delivery, and customer satisfaction.


A Gavita Company

We wanted to go back to the drawing board and change the way people think about T5HO lighting!  We wanted to take some of the exciting new technologies we’ve been exploring, and pack it all into a form factor that everyone knows and trusts.  The goal was to create a T5 style product that was superior to the old T5HO lamps in every way, and that’s how the E5 was born!


The benefits speak for themselves!

  • 8 year lamp life!
  • Simple retro-fit for T5 (2′, 3′ 4′ 5′ options)!
  • Outstanding 3 year warranty!
  • Amazing spectral maintenance!
  • Much lower power consumption!
  • Same output as T5HO lamps!
  • 100% recyclable!
  • No hazardous materials like the mercury in T5!
  • Proprietary phosphor mix, giving superior spectral performance!
  • Tropical and Marine color options!


variety of many Seachem brand products

SC Aquariums


Real Reef

2 boxes of Real Reef Rock

(one box drawn per day)

Crystal Dynamic Aquariums

EasyReef 73 Gallon Glass Aquarium System


5 winners of 1 Pair of E5 Lamps

(each winner may select their choice of size and color)

Zaya, Co.

2 SOS Skimmer Overflow Stoppers, 1 ZDC 125-gal. Protein Skimmer w/SOS, and 1 x Z100W LED Light


The "Ultimate Cart" of MANY Caribsea Products


Instant Reef

Crystal Dynamic Aquariums
Zaya, Co.


TECO USA TK-1000 1/4HP Aquarium Chiller

Instant Reef


- 1 x Large Reef #RO38

- 1 x Medium Reef #RO47


Additional GREAT Prizes Available at MAX 2016!

Rod's Reef: SIX Rod's Food Variety Packs, T-shirts, and cozies

Ruby Reef: 1 Kick-Ich/Rally/Hydroplex 2L kit, 2 x Large Combo Packs

Central Aquatics: 1 x 29g LED Starter Kit, 1 x 11g Desktop Aquarium, 2 x Aqualight 48” Fixtures, 1 x 75g tank w/versa-top and stand

Two Little Fishies: 2 each of: Phosban 550 Reactor, 1lb Phosban, NPX BioPlastics, Corafix Pro, Revive, Vegie Mag, Julian's Thing

Ecotech: 1 x XR30wG3 LED fixture, 1 x Vectra M1 Centrifugal pump, 1 x AI Prime White, 1 x Hydra52 HD Black

Air, Water, & Ice: 2 x Typhoon III Extreme RO/DI systems, 2 x Might Might compact RO/DI filters

Dr. Tim's Aquatics: 2 x Bene-FISH-al Fish Food Starter kits , 2 x FW Biofilter starter kit, 2 x SW Biofilter starter kit

AquaticLife: 3 x RO Buddy Filters, 1 x Halo Deluxe LED Pendant, 3 x Wave Pumps