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  1. Exhibitor is to accept inherent risks associated with the operation of such specialized equipment.
  2. Exhibitor is responsible for leaving equipment clean and dry (ready for disassembly) after use
  3. Exhibitor is responsible for any theft of equipment during business hours of event.
  4. Exhibitor is to follow reasonable safety guidelines to protect both self and fellow exhibitors
  5. All of the equipment offered for rental have been tested prior to and following any rental. Any physical damage incurred or loss of any part of the equipment while in possession of the Exhibitor is the fiscal responsibility of the Exhibitor for necessary repair or replacement.
  6. Rental is for the entire weekend (including Friday). There is no prorating for partial days.
  7. Exhibitor may cancel the rental up to the 15th day before the rental date and receive a full refund.
  8. Management must have a signed agreement on file before rental equipment can be reserved
  9. Rental fees can be paid via Paypal or by check, made payable to Sunset Promotional Services, Inc.

To rent equipment offered here or from the exhibitor’s booklet:

1. Click HERE to Download the form

2. Fill following info and Email to

forward to sunsetpromotionalservices@

Sunset Promotional Services, Inc,  8072 Central Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92844

Rental Policies

  1. Rentals are available strictly on a first-come-first-served basis due to limited quantities available.
  2. Payment of rental fee is due within 30-days of placing order for rental equipment
  3. Rental equipment is for exhibitor convenience only, we imply no warranty of performance
  4. Management accepts no responsibility for loss of livestock or other damages due to power outage, defects/equipment failure, or other unforeseen situations that are beyond our control.
  5. Exhibitor is responsible for operation and maintenance of display equipment during entire rental
  6. Exhibitor is responsible for any physical damage that occurs to equipment during rental period
  7. Management will assemble system prior to event and plumb as necessary for proper operation
  8. Management will disassemble entire display system after the event and remove from the venue
  9. Exhibitor is responsible for coordinating water fill and water removal with on-site vendor
  10. Exhibitor is responsible for running and “fine-tuning” the display equipment during the event

(Note: basic knowledge and experience of operating similar equipment is required before renting)

  1. Exhibitor is responsible for trouble-shooting problems with equipment during the event

(Note: we will make every effort to assist with any problems before and after operating hours)

All Exhibitors’ Booths include the following amenities:

  1. Reserved floor space to sell, trade, and/or promote
  2. Pipe-and-drape 8’ back wall and 3’ side walls
  3. Table(s), Table cloth(s), and two chairs
  4. 20-amp electricity available for only $60 for entire weekend
  5. Wi-Fi wireless Internet access available but not guaranteed
  6. Free Saltwater pumped to and from your booth (if needed for displays)
  7. Vendor ID badges (credit-card type) with neck lanyard
  8. Entry passes: (2 per 10’x10’ booth and 4 per 20’x10’ booth)
  9. Available ATM, food vendors, restrooms, etc. on premises
  10. Most Important:  Access to over 2,000 hobbyist attendees!

 If you would like to reserve a booth to exhibit at MAX:

Please provide the following information to us via e-mail or telephone:
(Note:  All reservations are taken on a first-come-first-served basis)

  1. Business name
  2. Business web site
  3. Business mailing address
  4. Contact person’s name
  5. Contact person’s e-mail
  6. Contact phone number
  7. Contact cell phone or alt.
  8. Booth number(s) desired

 All Fees are Due within 30 days of booking reservation

  1. Please send check payable to:

  “Sunset Promotional Services, Inc.”
    8072 Central Avenue
    Garden Grove, CA 92844



Exhibitor Policies:

Booths are sold to individual companies and may not be sublet or shared by other companies without the express written consent of management.

(Send requests to: for consideration)







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