All things fish is our passion

Welcome to our aquarium and fishkeeping blog. Our passion and hobby is fishkeeping and we gather yours is too. We started this rewarding hobby with a medium size fish tank with a basic setup. We were beginners having only had goldfish as kids. We chose Zebrafish and Neon Tetras to start with and quickly got into breeding them and giving them away to kids in our neighborhood. We quickly got a reputation as the "fish couple" and regularly had local kids asking for fish and advice on how to set up a tank and breed their own. Before long we found that we enjoyed helping people look after their fish as much as keeping our own. So the logical step was to help more people, which is why we started this website.

Starting a hobby keeping fish can be a bit daunting at first with many people thinking, what is involved, what equipment do I need, what types of fish suit my lifestyle and interests. Don't worry, we can help you with the best advice and product recommendations, and fishkeeping guides.

Whether you are new to fishkeeping or experienced, we hope that you find our information helpful, and it adds to making your aquarium journey very rewarding!

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